Where ideas come to life. Conceptual video mapping. Nike asked Brillantine to imagine and dress art installations for Sneaker Ball in Portland.

Celebrate Nike’s community impact while recognizing and empowering the next generation of community change-makers. Installations where attendees walkthrough pathways among imagery with stories and audio that reflect various journeys of the nike athletes. We have created pyramid-shaped installation using box of shoes to celebrate Serena Williams, Sage Elsseser and at the center the AF1 BHM shoe. In an other space, we’ve created a wall installation showing the Kobe signature sneaker line. Play on the seams, sole, the different parts of the shoe and telling stories. The installation was a tribute to Kobe Bryant. 


A mesmerizing display of Kobe Bryant's signature shoes unfolds, spanning from his early designs to the latest innovations. The shoe is mapped with one of the biggest highlight of Kobe having a dunk at Barcklay Center against the Nets. That inspired our creation, showcasing the fusion of style, performance, and innovation that defined Kobe's footwear legacy.

Sneaker Ball

Sage Elsesser & Serena Williams

The space transforms into an interactive world. A massive video screen spans the entire wall, displaying breathtaking landscapes, iconic cityscapes, and the Olympic Games emblem. The cyclist accelerates, and the surroundings change rapidly, showcasing the versatility of the Scott bicycle across various terrains. 

Portland is kind of a big deal in sneaker culture — in fact, it’s sometimes called the sneaker capital of America. The Portland area is home to industry heavyweights like Nike’s WHQ.

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