Balloon, Levitation and Dreams – Manor ask Brillantine to create a visual installation using mapping to celebrate the new Manor's amphitheatre hall.

Step into a realm of enchantment and wonder as 2000 vibrant balloons gracefully float, suspended in mid-air, beneath a magnificent glass roof. This captivating display, known as "POP UP SKY" combines the whimsy of balloons with the elegance of a transparent canopy, creating a visual spectacle that transcends ordinary boundaries.

Throughout the event, the sky becomes a living storybook. Themes can range from fantastical adventures to abstract visual symphonies. The narrative unfolds as the balloons drift gracefully, creating a unique and immersive experience for viewers.

Invitation Card

Behind the Scene


A show using video projections and musical atmospheres. Sensations, surprises and wonder were part of the show. The balloons’s sky pulsates, come alive to the rhythm of the music and sound effects. The idea was to create an emotional and playful univers.

Live Panel

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