Lace up for a 33 second game of tennis.


LETS PLAY is an extremely short and empirical homage to the world of tennis. Mixing stop-motion technique and burst film. The stop-motion animation style adds a tactile feel to the game, making every movement and action visually engaging.

Behind the Scene

20 Days of Setup



It was 5 days of shooting! Which included some half days where we packed in a number of inserts that really helped with all the jump cuts throughout the film. Since there was not a lot of time, two stations were set up where we had stop motion and live action both going simultaneously when possible. Anna Berezowsky was our lead animator and she did an absolutely stellar job making sure we got all our frames without a hitch!

This is where we really got to play around and have fun. There was plenty of back and forth and once we had a temp music track in place we knew we were on to something good! This film really went though all the phases in the book. It was edited once during pre production while story boards were created, then while shooting we had to make some changes so there was a second round of editing and then finally in the editing room it was remoulded again!

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