Created the concept, look and social content strategy for the launch of Gookers. Don’t have time to prepare homemade meals?


Stop motion animation introducing healthy food, culinary skills and great ideas. Our campaign is not just about products; it's a visual spectacle crafted with tricks camera movement, stop-motion animation wizardry, and smart transitions. Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds, and every frame tells a story of innovation and wonder. 

Behind the Scene


30 days of Setup. 6 days of Shooting

25 FPS

Healty food. Culinary skills.

In a world where time is of the essence, we present a game-changer in dining convenience. Imagine a hassle-free dining experience where ordering and paying for your favorite meal is just a tap away. Introducing our revolutionary service that brings the restaurant menu to your fingertips, allowing you to order and pay swiftly, ensuring your meal is ready when you are.


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