Commissioned by CBC, this short was designed to explore the creative relationship between artists working across a variety of media platforms.


Each artists was invited to push the envelope of their respective tools in a spontaneous and highly experimental manner, embodying the core spirit of En Masse. Montreal has its best!

Stop-motion 15ips

En masse is a multi-artist collaborative drawing project that creates boldly black-and-white works of public art; underlining the power of shared creativity, and the building of strong communities through effective communication.

Behind the Scene

Public Art

En Masse is a Montreal-based drawing project that brings together artists from various disciplines to collaborate on massive illustrations — always in a striking black and white. In this Collective video, a group of artists combines forces to paint and repaint a large 3D head as the camera swoops in and out. It's the kind of video you need to re-watch immediately to try to figure out how they pulled it off.  

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