Apple, Soul, and Zeppelin – Eddy Parker is lost into a space time. Feel the sensation of soaring through the music, capturing the essence of each note in a breathtaking dance of motion.


The cause of this is the forbidden fruit that fall into the water leaving an aroma that later will contaminate the girl but also himself in red color. The mood of the film represents the time in space between Eddy Parker and the girl. What actually happen it is that Eddy's stream of consciousness are lock in a space time. The body only reflects the pain of the brain. The travel journey in a boat and the water symbolizes the purification of the soul, cleaning the corporal body, because the mind is lock into space time.

Rotating Camera Dolly

The rotating dolly movements aren't just cinematic; they're a narrative force. Every turn of the camera tells a story, capturing the emotional nuances of the music and translating them into a visual language.


Seamlessly transition between scenes as the camera elegantly glides, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Watch as landscapes morph and colors blend, blurring the line between reality and imagination.

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