Video commissioned by Audiomatic. Check out this exclusive snippet of Kendrick Lamar. The importance of music. 


The video is an innovative documentary that transforms the traditional interview format into a visually graphic and artistically expressive experience. Each theme of the interview unfolds through a series of graphic scenes, creating a visual narrative that transcends the boundaries of conventional filmmaking.


“I Think It Moves”

Express Ourselves

Pierrot Winter narrates:

“February, 2013! This was my first interview after quitting radio Couleur3 gig I had with Downtown Boogie for so many years. Kendrick just dropped GKMC. Marc from Infomaniak and I had just created this webradio called Audiomatic.

I had a great interview/conversation with Kendrick before his show. I figured he was gonna blow up but never imagined him taking over the galaxy with such authenticity. I remember him being kinda shy and reserved yet very confident and sure of himself.

He let me shoot questions for about 20 minutes but the battery of my camera died after a few minutes… 

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