He wanted to put New York in a box. I did it. Luckily we were there to put this Story in – and we made a film. Art Dealer Company.


François Aeby put New York in a Box. This is a story about a swiss artist who takes on the Big Apple with his bare hands. The Art Dealer Company captures the struggle, beliefs and the courage as him mind and imagination speak outloud. Anything can happen in the big city that never sleeps..  

Moving Pictures

Fictional Thriller


“I love New York, this melting pot of utopias, this cradle of stories to be told. New York, we're very much alike. I'm not going to let myself be taken down by bad planning. New York, I admire your way to put up your towers and scrape the sky, I adore your concrete walls which are like an invitation to go and climb them all up; I love your Statue of Liberty.“

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